3 Women Syndrome Often Encountered When Training

I. Overview

With the development of the modern sport, is today not only men, but women can also participate in physical activities, from endurance sports such as running, until the activity requires strength like weightlifting.

However, along with that development, also incurred no less the problem, especially among females, not only among athletes but also all the women participating physical activity normal may also suffer.

One of the most difficult issues (has existed since 15-20 years ago) that “triad syndrome” or “triad” (Female Athlete Triad).

Female Athlete Triad

Female Athlete Triad

When suffering from the “triad”, women will have problems as follows:

  • Energy imbalance, leading to eating disorders
  • Menstrual disorders (even without menstruation)
  • Experiencing the symptoms of osteoporosis

II. Causes/Symptoms of the “Female Athlete Triad”

1. The energy imbalance:

The main cause energy imbalance is due to the lack of knowledge about nutrition:

  • Some women with the hope of quick weight loss, did not hesitate to use other methods such as regular fasting, or weight loss pills, diuretics or laxatives.
  • A few other cases that is mimicking a diet to lose weight without going through inspection and does not understand the nature of it, leading to a wrong direction.
  • The above cases are caused shortages of energy (energy is loaded into the always lower than consumption), when there is no adjustment, while maintaining such, will directly impact negatively on sentiment : cause depression exercise, anorexia, and gradually causes eating disorders.
3 Women Syndrome Often Encountered

3 Women Syndrome Often Encountered

2. Menstrual disorders (even without menstruation):

The main cause is due to the energy imbalance, combined with eating disorder, would indirectly put the body on the status of activities contrary to nature, namely:

Disrupt the endocrine system activity such as: Reduced ability of the hormone to regulate that control gonadotrophine (GnRH) in the pituitary gland, the hormones FSH and LH (follicle stimulation and physical gold).

This disruption has a direct impact to the functionality of the axis system includes the brain-pituitary-ovary, make this axis system broke down, which reduces the female hormone (Estrogen) and causes the disorder prayer or no menstruation, expression is:

  • Delayed menstruation: menstrual cycle of the patient longer than normal (approximately 35.36 days, even longer)
  • There is no menstruation: this situation is much more severe, the patient absolutely no menstruation in between 3-6 months (longer if the condition worsens)
Causes of the Female Athlete Triad

Causes of the Female Athlete Triad

3. Osteoporosis disease:

From the consequences of loss of energy balance, eating disorders and endocrine dysfunction (namely the function produces Estrogen-a female hormone), at which the possibility of the patient absorbed at a level weaker than normal (intestinal malabsorption), the possibility of circulation of substances in the blood is reduced, and one of those substances is calcium.

When the amount of Calcium in the blood is reduced at the ability of the affected bone growth, bone health down, namely:

  • The density of the bone cortex structure and the porous layer inside the bone is reduced by the amount of calcium in the blood is lowered, leading to reduced quality and strength of our bones and cause osteoporosis.
Female Athlete Triad

Female Athlete Triad

III. The consequences of “Female Athele Triad”

1. The psychological consequences:

  • Don’t want to communicate with relatives, often eat alone.
  • Always feel thirsty even though less active.
  • Some cases want to take a bath immediately after eating.
  • Always feeling cold.
  • Frequently experience stress, irritability and sleeplessness.
  • Affected by the thoughts about the shape, weight.
Female Athlete Triad

Female Athlete Triad

2. The consequences for the body:

  • The functional disorder of women.
  • Often fatigue pain spine, the knee due to the consequence of osteoporosis, some cases of heavy activity can fracture.
  • Nutrition, exercise and rest is disturbed (due to lack of energy and eating disorders).
  • There have been some cases of particularly serious and lead to death.
Symptoms of the Female Athlete Triad

Symptoms of the Female Athlete Triad

IV. Preventive measures

First, although the disease at the level of heavy or light, refer to advice from doctors or sports professionals as soon as possible.

Also, here are some Recommend synthesized from expert opinion:

1. About the diet:

Gradually increase the amount of food loaded until it is equal to the diet before the workout
Take back the amount of weight lost
Supplements of Vitamin D and calcium through foods rich in these substances, the amount of Vitamin D is the standard 32 to 50 ng/ml and calcium at levels up 1.000 to 1.300 mg/day



2. Plan exercise, should be divided into 3 phases:

The energy imbalance

The energy imbalance

The acute phase:

  • Besides diet changes back to normal levels, should limit physical activities (eg: 10-20% volume reduction through exercise per week), for female athletes, temporarily stop taking in a couple of months until the positive changes of the body.

The recovery period:

  • Continue to maintain the diet under the supervision of a doctor or specialist.
  • Limited physical activity, improving health through light activities under the supervision of experts.

Stage back:

  • At the moment the ability to eat, the physiological and psychological functions of the patient has recovered significantly.
  • Can return to the normal sports activities. However, any changes of the workload (Volume) should be taken into consideration if there are negative changes to the body. Again, should have the supervision of your doctor or specialist in this period.

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