You Are Having Problems Absorbing Nutrients? – The Solution Improves The Digestive Tract

Every day, the digestive system works hard to absorb nutrients, provides energy for life activities of the body. A healthy digestive system will help you absorb water and nutrients efficiently, removing scum, preventing toxins from entering the body. If your digestive tract having issues, you are encountering difficulties in the ability to absorb nutrients, every effort of eating and exercise may become meaningless.

I. Overview – Trouble Absorbing Nutrients

One of the problems of the digestive tract that many people encounter is “Leaky Gut Syndrome” – LGS. Imagine your intestinal mucosa is a network with a lot of small holes above, they allow nutrients to pass through and prevent toxins or foods that have not been fully digest go straight into the bloodstream. When a person suffers LGS, the bowels will be stimulating or inflammation makes the link between cells in the mucosa are destroyed, causing the “hole” this increasingly louder. This increases the permeability of the gut, toxic substances and pathogens can easily enter the body, causing intolerance (some substances) the inflammatory response and release of stress hormones such as cortisol. If the more stress hormones, the immune system becomes weakened, leading to the negative impact of up our body as flatulence, fatigue, joint pain, headaches, stress, affect the thyroid gland, digestive problems, food intolerance, …. Those with LGS also risk more diseases such as diabetes, reducing insulin signaling, allergies, inflammation of the skin, weight gain,…

Problems Absorbing Nutrients

Problems Absorbing Nutrients

II. The causes can lead to LGS

  • Unhealthy nutrition: Lectin, gluten, lactase or fructose are substances cannot be tolerated in some people, because they lack a certain enzyme to be able to digest them. The absorbing too many substances which can cause irritation and inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, for in the long run will cause LGS. Drinking too many alcoholic beverages and use refined sugars can also lead to LGS.
  • Often suffer from stress: as mentioned above, stress weakens the immune system over time, reducing the ability to resist the invaders from the outside of the body such as bacteria, viruses or parasites. LGS caused stress, stress the intestinal mucosa condition again worsened, and so a vicious cycle.


Improves The Digestive Tract

Improves The Digestive Tract


  • Toxins from chemicals sprayed on foods such as vegetables, fruit, if not semi-processed and processing may accumulate causing LGS.
  • Imbalance beneficial bacteria in the gut: For many people, this imbalance can start from birth by Caesarean section. The excessive use of antibiotics or drink tap water contains chlorine and fluorine high concentrations can kill beneficial bacteria, creating conditions for the development of harmful bacteria, affects the environment in the gut.

III. Solution

With a multitude of causes such harm, keeping, protecting and strengthening the health of the digestive system are essential to building a healthy immune system and increase the ability to absorb more nutrition. The following, I will offer a number of ways to improve the condition of LGS and intestinal health:

  • Restrict and remove the food, the drink you think damaging to his gut, as: Caffeine, alcoholic beverages, the food is over processed, the fat is not good and foods containing substances hardly tolerated as dairy, fructose or wheat,…
  • In the daily diet, always use fresh food, unprocessed, to eat more green vegetables.
  • Adding beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract through the product as probiotics, yogurt,…
Digestive System

Digestive System

  • Omega 3 absorption and good fats to promote anti-inflammatory abilities of the body.
  • Additional vitamin D, iron, glutamine: Vitamin D supports immune system function. Săt deficiency can affect the function of the intestine. Glutamine can improve the condition of LGS, as fuel for the cells of the intestine and can reduce the allergic condition.
  • Eat slowly, chew thoroughly: Eat slowly, chew carefully: simple but effective employment help feed is subdivided into smaller before stomach down, creating time to the body secretes the enzymes necessary to digest food.
  • Enough sleep, avoiding sleeping late, minimize stress.
Absorbing Nutrients

Absorbing Nutrients

IV. The Solution Improves The Digestive Tract- Conclusion

Through here, you surely also learned something about the problem that you are suffering from the ability to absorb nutrients, you need to change the diet as well as daily activities right before it’s too late, set themselves healthy lifestyle habits to stay healthy and desired physique.

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